Children's Sunday School (Teacher and Student Books)

Children's Sunday School (Teacher and Student Books)
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About This Collection

Discipleship Ministries of the Mesoamerica Region (Church of the Nazarene) presents its complete collection of books for Christian education for children.

This series is designed for students and teachers of children from 4 to 11 years of age. Children will learn the lessons of the Bible according to their age. At the end of their elementary school years, they will have gone through the challenging biblical stories as well as various appropriate themes for each stage of their childhood and pre-teenage years.

This material was designed as different steps to achieve a holy life. It contains clear and possible goals. The teacher’s book will help equip those who have the beautiful task of leading children to connect with the message that will change their lives forever. By promoting the child to the next year of class–according to his or her age–the child will study each book one time. By the time the student is 12 years old, if he or she started with the first book, the child will have studied all eight books of this valuable collection.

The books were designed to be used in Sunday School, Children’s Club, Discipleship, and Schools in general.

This series aims to:

  • Challenge children to learn the Word of God.
  • Allow them to grow in their Christian experience as children of God.
  • Help them grow in their faith.
  • Guide them to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.
  • Help them to become part of the faith community–the church.

The complete cycle is as follows:

  • Preschoolers–4 and 5 years old–Book 1 and 2
  • Elementary–6 to 8 years old–Book 1, 2 and 3
  • Words of Life (pre-adolescents)–9 to 11 years old–Book 1, 2 and 3